Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund (PymHEIF) invests in innovative and disruptive impact companies. These are companies who made business out of conserving and restoring our ecosystem and who nevertheless generate a considerable financial profit. The focus of PymHEIF is on clean water, the food system, the circular economy and restoring the soil.

EcoEnterprises Fund

EcoEnterprises Fund is a fund that invests in companies that enhance the quality of life in Latin America. This fund invests, among others, in agrofood, ecotourism and sustainable living.


Inspirafarms helps African and South American farmers with their harvest. The company develops modular solutions to the sustainable cooling and processing of crops and it supports farmers with products, the needed funding and technical support. The result is better access to safer and healthier food. This makes food less expensive and results in less foodwaste.

Kitchen Republic

Kitchen Republic lets out a professionally decorated production kitchen and is the place where you can meet upcoming food producers and caterers. They are building an ecosystem in which innovative companies, through knowledge sharing and networking, help each other to start a business and to make it grow.


Nutrileads, established in 2012, develops innovative natural food ingredients with clinically proven health benefits for application in dietary supplements and functional foods. Its proprietary lead ingredient, XtramuneTM, is a unique carrot-derived fibre supporting immune function and resistance to respiratory infections.


Ceradis is a spin-off from Wageningen University and develops and sells fungicides based on patented technology that increases the effectiveness of plant protection products. This results in less residues of fungicides on fields and crops.

The Food Line-up

A unique, pioneering creative catering agency, that’s what The Food Line-up is. It’s their mission to let the consumer discover better food at events. Food with incredible taste, a sustainable DNA and arranged by them from nose to tail. For every event, a suitable line-up is proposed.


Dens develops and sells power generators that run on formic acid. The system doesn’t emit any harmful emissions, such as fossil-carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides or soot. The formic acid can be produced in a sustainable way. Besides, the generators made by Dens are a sustainable and silent alternative for the diesel powered generators that are used f.e. on construction sites, at events or at airports.