Lyv is developing an advanced energy management system (EMS), with which, for example, batteries, boilers and heat pumps can be controlled. By switching the devices on and off at the right moment, overloading of the power grid can be prevented. A phenomenon that will happen more and more often in the future as more and more electric driving takes place and households move away from the gas grid.


XINTC develops and produces innovative modular alkaline electrolysers for the production of hydrogen gas for medium-scale applications, at any desired location. The company’s electrolyser is therefore suitable for converting solar and wind energy directly into hydrogen. As a clean energy carrier, hydrogen is in the international spotlight. Hydrogen makes an important and lasting contribution to reducing our CO2 footprint. The splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen is an electrochemical process and occurs in an electrolyser. No CO2 is released. For large-scale applications, there is a need for affordable, efficient, sustainable and flexible electrolysis capacity.