Unovis Investment Fund partners with entrepreneurs developing innovative plant-based and cultivated replacements to animal products, including meat, seafood, dairy, and eggs. Their goal is to transform the global food system by investing in solutions that facilitate sustained behavioural change and eliminate the consumption of animal protein products.

The fund provides seed to growth funding to entrepreneurs developing plant, fungi, fermented, and cultivated replacements to animal products. The fund helps build lasting companies by supporting founders by sharing experience in food manufacturing and thier global network.

Blue Horizon

Blue Horizon Ventures is a food technology-focused venture capital fund. The fund aims to support the movement towards a more sustainable food system through innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

The underlying mission of the fund is to support and promote a positive global impact on the environment, human health and animal welfare. Plant based proteins and cellular agriculture (clean meat) are the main focus areas. The Fund operates on a global scale with a certain focus on Europe.

Rockstart Energy Fund

The Rockstart Energy Fund is part of Rockstart, an international ecosystem focussing on matching technology start-up companies with market experience. The needed world-wide energy transition is not possible without the innovation from start-ups. The Rockstart Energy program supports energy start-ups in their research en development, the validation of their business model and the selection of the best product-market combinations. Subsequently, the ecosystem helps companies to grow internationally. The Rockstart Energy Fund can provide growth-financing to these companies to help them scale-up.


Pymwymic Healthy Ecosystems Impact Fund (PymHEIF) invests in innovative and disruptive impact companies. These are companies who made business out of conserving and restoring our ecosystem and who nevertheless generate a considerable financial profit. The focus of PymHEIF is on clean water, the food system, the circular economy and restoring the soil.

EcoEnterprises Fund

EcoEnterprises Fund is a fund that invests in companies that enhance the quality of life in Latin America. This fund invests, among others, in agrofood, ecotourism and sustainable living.