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Plaatsen Nederland

Foundation “Plaatsen Nederland” works with (groups of) farmers, scientists, system players, artists, innovative representatives of knowledge and financial institutions and numerous other citizens on a new perspective for a regenerative food system. We do this by bringing people together, both in physical Places and in (virtual) networks. We strive for accessible, affordable, healthy and good food for everyone that above all contributes to a restored ecosystem. De first Place is located in Boxtel.


XINTC develops and produces innovative modular alkaline electrolysers for the production of hydrogen gas for medium-scale applications, at any desired location. The company’s electrolyser is therefore suitable for converting solar and wind energy directly into hydrogen. As a clean energy carrier, hydrogen is in the international spotlight. Hydrogen makes an important and lasting contribution to reducing our CO2 footprint. The splitting of water into hydrogen and oxygen is an electrochemical process and occurs in an electrolyser. No CO2 is released. For large-scale applications, there is a need for affordable, efficient, sustainable and flexible electrolysis capacity.

New investment in sustainable energy storage

LionVolt, a spin-out of the Dutch Technology Centre TNO has developed a revolutionary type of battery based on 3-D technology and solid-state. These batteries are intrinsically safe, lightweight, load super-fast and have a long-life durability. Solid state has as additional benefit, that a battery cannot catch fire or explode. Goeie Grutten co-financed the early phase of the company. First applications can be expected in the wearables segment, where “wet” lithium batteries are still dominant.

New in our portfolio: EcoEnterprises

EcoEnterprises is a fund that utilizes mezzanine, quasi-equity, and long-term debt instruments to drive growth in expanding sectors such as sustainable agriculture, agro-forestry, sustainable aquaculture, ecotourism, certified forestry, and wild-harvested products. Since the beginning of 2019 Goeie Grutten invested in this fund.

Kitchen Republic expands

In October Kitchen Republic expanded their professional kitchen. Now, even more food-pioneers and food-service specialists can hire a professional kitchen to scale up their businesses. More to read on the website of Kitchen Republic