Stichting Goeie Grutten

Recently the website of stichting Goeie Grutten went live. The foundation, with ANBY statut, Goeie Grutten supports long term projects related to sensible, healthy foods with lots of variety and energy transition. We preferably invest in long-term projects and we are always on the lookout for project that help us to achieve our goals


  1. Eco-agribusiness Ltd is a company in Kenya , helping farmers in sustainable food production and marketing. We start with farm-level yield improvements, reduction of post -harvest losses, value addition and linkage to market.

    We are interested in the cultivation of water lentils to provide a reliable and affordable protein source to rural communities.

    We know Goeie Grutten is in this area. We would like your support on how to go about it.

    By the way Water Lentils are also found in Kenya but in the wild

    1. Dear Kennedy kamau,

      thank you for your email. Our foundation is sponsoring a research done by Wageningen University, they have a lot of expertise, we can bring you in contact with them for support.

      kind regards,
      Goeie Grutten,
      Ilse Bastmeijer

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