Logo De Plaatsen

Plaatsen Nederland

Foundation “Plaatsen Nederland” works with (groups of) farmers, scientists, system players, artists, innovative representatives of knowledge and financial institutions and numerous other citizens on a new perspective for a regenerative food system. We do this by bringing people together, both in physical Places and in (virtual) networks. We strive for accessible, affordable, healthy and good food for everyone that above all contributes to a restored ecosystem. De first Place is located in Boxtel.

GreenPro International

GreenPro International plays an important role as a go-to-market partner for both companies and retailers of plant-based products in key European markets. By improving the availability and accessibility of plant-based products for consumers, GreenPro plays an instrumental role in accelerating the transition towards a healthier and more sustainable plant-based diet.

Lazy Vegan

It is the mission of Lazy Vegan to make it really easy to eat vegan; purely plant based. They believe this way of eating is better for your health, animal welfare and our planet.

That is why Lazy Vegan develops and sells purely plant-based ready-meals, which you can find in the freezer of your (online) supermarket. All meals consist of natural ingredients and contain at least 200 grams of vegetables and 26 grams protein. The meals are free from soy since a pea-protein is used. And the very best is: the meals are ready in 8 minutes!

Project Eplucheur – Try something different with mangowaste

Local processing of dried mango’s brings a lot of good to Burkina Faso. It’s a jobcreator, adds value to the product and diversifies the market opportunities for mango This drying, unfortunately, also creates a lot of waste. Around 30% of a mango consists of peel and kernel.

The purpose of project Eplucheur is to extract value from this ‘waste’. The peels contain a lot of fibre and the kernels are a source of valuable oil. A research with Wageningen University has started with the aim to valorise this new value chain.

With this approach we are striving for triple impact: less foodwaste, more income for mango farmers and more jobs in value added processing.

Kitchen Republic expands

In October Kitchen Republic expanded their professional kitchen. Now, even more food-pioneers and food-service specialists can hire a professional kitchen to scale up their businesses. More to read on the website of Kitchen Republic